A masterpiece of Italian Renaissance

The “Camera di San Paolo” frescoed by Antonio Allegri known as Correggio in 1519 is the precious heart of the private apartment of the noble and erudite Giovanna da Piacenza, Abbess of the Benedictine monastery of San Paolo.

The room with a vault shaped as an umbrella presents a decoration with a false bower of leafy branches and woven wickers woven, interrupted by gleaming oculi through which groups of lively cupids lean out, absorbed in their hunting games. A series of lunettes with mythological figures in monochrome and a frieze with pitchers, pewterware and tablecloths allude to the probable convivial destination of the room and complete the decoration creating a suggestive and illusionistic effect.
On the fireplace the goddess of chastity, Diana, is portrayed in reference to Giovanna da Piacenza, whose coat of arm is the centre of the ceiling. The meanings of this complicated decoration is based on a representation of philosophical and moral theme in relationship with the culture and the religiousness of the time.
Adjoining the room by Correggio, we see the one painted in 1514 by the Parma painter Alessandro Araldi. The ceiling displays elegant grisaille decoration on a blue background with scenes from Old and New Testament, and a central balustrade open to the sky, from which putti playing musical instruments look out.
The current visitors route reflects the original structure of Giovanna da Piacenza apartment, originally with six rooms, crossing also the ancient refectory of the Monastery, later transformed into a chapel, where a series of detached frescoes of the 15th and 16th centuries and a magnificent 17th century wooden choir are displayed.

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