Powerful Architecture

The Mausoleum of Theodoric is an unparalleled architectural episode, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In Ravenna North - East, by the sea roadside, in a wide green land, the mausoleum of the legendary king Theodoric (454- 526) shines in its White aurisina stone. It was built around 520 by the Gothic king, born in the Danubian steppes from a people migrated in ancient days from Scandinavian regions. Theodoric had been sent hostage, as a child, to the gorgeous imperial court of Constantinople and here he was trained in military arts and in the clever exercise of power. In 488, with the imperial consent, he led his people from the North (present Bulgaria) to Italy. The goal was to tame the Herulian king Odoacer, who did not recognize the imperial authority. In 493 Italy became the new home of the Goths, Ravenna was chosen as capital and Theodoric reigned over the Roman Catholics and the Goths of Arian faith.

The king did not impose forced integrations and encouraged a coexistence of ethnicities, cultures, laws, and religious traditions. The Mausoleum of the great “Theodoricus rex” is imperial and barbaric at a time, masterfully built with massive stone blocks of limestone in perfect proportions.
It is inspired by funerary architecture with round plan, both from the Roman and from the East. However perceptible remain the signs of Goth identity and of the Arian religion. The lowered dome is a huge, singular block of stone, symbol of power and of the ascent to heaven, like a great royal crown enriched with twelve stone handles carved in the same monolith. The frieze running under the dome, called “tong frieze” recall a Goth goldsmith decorations.

Via delle Industrie, 14 - Ravenna
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